Advisory Service

Why are we the ones who can give you the right advice to have your bar or restaurant work the best?

Because, besides working as drink distributors and wholesalers we have opened and run several businesses firsthand, so we have gained direct experience on the spot.

This is why we can provide your business or bar what it takes to be a successful place and be different from your neighboring business. With us you can have a range of products that will let you stand out.

Our agents are trained to give you the best advice, as experts in your business, in the area and in the market. They can suggest the right products to let your place take off.

What if you need a special wine list?
We also help out on that! Under your supervision we select the wines that best suit your restaurant. Remember you also can order a single bottle of a specific wine.

Our close collaboration with the cellars of the area lets us arrange some ad hoc wine tasting events to have your brand or business promoted.

We can also provide dispensing systems on loan for you to always have top quality drinks.

With the aid of our colleague’s competence we will take care of maintenance either at regular intervals or upon request by the client. We will be ready to intervene in case of necessity.

Our successful HOT SPOTS

Il Bersagliere in San Daniele del Friuli

Seventeenth century historical place, kitchen-equipped prosciutteria, wine bar.

Blu in Spilimbergo

Multi functional place: bar, cafeteria, happy hour, fast lunch, events.

Angolo Blu in Fagagna

Hot spot for 15 years! Bar, cafeteria, elegant happy hour, bruschetteria, hot sandwiches, amazing events!

House Blu's in Feletto Umberto

High end alehouse! Sandwich shop, hamburger bar, fast food!